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Gibraltar is not of course on the Costa del Sol as it is a British colony west of the Costa. Completely ignored in most Spanish tourist literature, it is as if it didn't exist as far as Spain is concerned. Many of the tourist guides and maps do not mention anything between Algeciras and Cadiz! One major guide to the Costa del Sol produced by the Costa del Sol tourist office suggests many excursions from the area - but no mention of this place! It is, however, an option for many British ex-pats and tourists visiting the area because if its unique situation and its Britishness - our only conclave in mainland Europe. Gibraltar is situated at the entrance to the Mediterranean. Its strategic location and history has made the Rock of Gibraltar a symbol of strength throughout the world. It is connected to the Spanish mainland by a sandy isthmus and has been a British territory since 1704 and is a member of the E.U. Its military past is diminished and this self-governing territory is now emphasising on offshore finance, tourism and telecommunications.Gibraltar claims that its shopping provides the most competitive prices in western Europe. Ex-pats come here for the English supermarkets, tourists come for the cheap electrical goods, cameras and crafts. There is much to see if history is your interest. There is also the cable car, the apes and a modicum amount of beaches and of course, the Rock itself which incidentally contains over 140 caves.Gibnet provide the following comment - "a short distance from the concrete jungle called the Costa del Sol, Gibraltar stands apart with its history preserved waiting to welcome you to this small friendly British territory located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsular where you will find something truly different". You will have noticed that they do not mention Spain either! Warning, do not try to cross the border back into Spain with over the limit duty frees as the Spanish customs are very strict. You will need your passport for this excursion.
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