Benalmadena Visitors Guide and Forum

Be Safe on Holiday

Many major holiday resorts in Spain and other countries in Southern Europe are experiencing increased levels of street crime. The Benalmadena and Arroyo de la Miel area is no exception.
As a result, we would advise all visitors to take care of their possessions and to be aware of suspicious persons. We want you to have an enjoyable visit, and to feel confident enough to return.

Please note the following recommendations In order to lessen the potential for yourself or your family becoming a victim.

Should you fall victim to a pickpocket or mugger, always report the offence to the Policia Local. Most Police offices will have a translator available. You will need a copy of your police report should you need to make an insurance claim.
Do not carry more money or cards than you judge to be adequate for your immediate needs. Invest in a room safe at your hotel or apartment if possible.
Never leave your apartment or hotel room without ensuring any windows, patio doors etc., are securely closed and locked. Also it is advisable not to have windows and doors open that could be accessed by opportunist thieves when you are sleeping.
Please do not wear obvious displays of jewellery. If you have inexpensive dress items wear those instead. Always carry your bag on a strap across your body, and be aware of motorcyclists or moped riders. In bars and restaurants, anchor your bags to a chair or table. Never leave them unattended.
Pickpockets exist in our area. If you must carry a wallet, keep it in your front trouser pocket. Be aware of people selling gold, laceware or flowers. Never display large amounts of cash.